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Dadroit JSON Viewer

Dadroit is a brilliant tool that threats JSON as a Data format, not a plain text. It provides you quick outline view, with the help of tree representation. You can browse and query JSON like an enterprise DBMS. It beats all of the other solutions in performance, and it will give you a complete set of tools to work too. Tree highlighted view, Instant search including RegEx support, auto-refresh on file change and many export options including XML is just a part of its features. It is Free and available for download for Mac and Windows right now, and Linux version is on the way.

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encrypt0r - Encrypt and Decrypt files using a Passphrase

Sometimes you just need a quick way to encrypt files securely using a passphrase. Not all operating systems have this functionality, especially Windows. encrypt0r provides a simple drag and drop interface to encrypt/decrypt your files using a password. Technologies encrypt0r is built on the latest technologies and available for all operating systems: ElectronOpen SourceTravis CI (for builds) Download Here are direct links to download for your preferred platform: macOSLinux x64 DebianLinux x64 SourceWindows x86Windows x64