Thanks to the new features available in the Windows anniversery update and the newly updated desktop converter we are seeing an influx of Win 32 Apps in the store. While Tweeten has been available as a regular windows installer download since a while you might wonder what is the point to having the same app available via the store. The biggest benefit ofcourse is getting automatic updates via the store without having to do anything. As more and more regular Win 32 apps become availble via the store it becomes a lot esier to get updates without having to download a new installer for each app update.

All the features you love on Tweeten, including things like GIF Search, Save GIF, the beautiful user interface, and all the other customisation features are available on Tweeten for Windows 10. The app also supports features such as Minimise to Tray, which is something a lot of our users love on the classic version of Tweeten.

Get the app from the link below