One thing the Windows Store does not lack in is awesome Twitter clients. Tweet It! by developer My Amazing Big Fork is one of the most polished Twitter clients on the store and another amazing choice for Windows users.


Tweet It! features a clean minimal UI and it’s choice of colors spacing and fonts exudes a very calm focused feel. You can add upto 5 columns depending on the width of your screen for ultimate Twitter power usage.


You also have a choice of 3 different color themes dark, grey and white. You can also change the text size to suit your preference.

Media from various sources can be viewed inline and tapping on an image shows it in a beautiful full screen view. The way the image transitions from the timeline to the full view and back is a very pleasant touch.

2016-02-18 (3).png

The latest version also supports full screen mode with the toggle of a button.


Besides the regular Twitter features Tweet It! supports a wealth of other features that we have listed here.

  • Tweet Marker support – This helps you synchronise reading positions between apps on different platforms
  • Filtered tweets – The ability to hide tweets with certain keywords from your timeline
  • Multi Language Support – UI Language options as well as translation
  • Abitility to switch off notifications for each account on a device
  • Built-in web browser

Mobile Version

The Mobile version supports all the features of the Windows version. The only thing that will feel different is that because columns don’t make sense in the portrit view you are forced to tap the hamburger menu to switch between different sections like mentions, likes etc. It would have been very helpful to simply have been able to swipe across the header to switch between different sections


That said the app does have some performance problems. When the app starts afresh it does take a while to load your timeline and in the version we tested tweet conversations took way too long to load. The app is actively maintained and updated and hopefully performance will improve with time.


Performance issues aside we highly recommend Tweet It! for windows. It’s stable functional, polished and a delight to use. Get it from the link below

Tweet It! for Windows
Tweet It! for Windows
Developer: My Amazing Big Fork
Price: unknown