We have some very powerful note taking applications in Evernote and Onenote on Windows. For those who crave simplicity though, Simplenote by Automattic has always been the one we go to. Simplenote has had iOS, Android and a Mac app for several years now. They never really talked about moving beyond those platforms. So it was a nice surprise to seem them abbounce and release a Windows version of Simplenote.

For those who aren’t familiar Simplenote is a barebones and extremely fast note taking service. Built on top of the note taking are several powerful features.

Writing – Plain Text & Markdown

Any text that you write is saved automatically as you write. You also have the option to write in Markdown. This needs to be enabled globally via preferences and for the individual note


Note History

Every note has previous version stored and you can easily restore a note to a state in the past via a simple slider.

2016-04-06 (1).png

Note Info

You can very quickly get some useful info about the note like the last modified date and time, word and character count as well as the option to pin a note so that it appears at the top of your notes list

2016-04-06 (2).png


Note search via the box at the top left is super fast

2016-04-06 (3).png


Easily add and search for notes by tags

2016-04-06 (4).png


Currently the app allows you to switch between light and dark themes

2016-04-06 (7).png

Collaboration and Publishing

Clicking on the share button for any note allows you to collaborate on it by entering any Simplenote user’s email address as well as create a public link for the note

2016-04-06 (8).png

Overall this is an awesome Windows version of Simplenote and has all the features you would come to expect from the service. Best of all the service is free to use and the app is open source. Download it from here