While there are many of us who manage our email over the web, for those of us who juggle multiple accounts or prefer the comfort of having our emails available offline there are several desktop clients to choose from. Nylas N1 is one of the newer entrants in this field.

For an initial release the app is relatively stable and being open source is extendable with a plugin architecture. The first thing you will probably notice when your emails accounts are all set up is that attention has been given to the interface and design of the app.

2016-01-25 (1)

The Main Nylas N1 Window

2016-01-25 (2)

Compose Window


The app offer some limited visual customisation at the moment. The theme for the app can also be switched and while the default setup has only white and dark options by default you can add new themes manually.

2016-01-25 (6)

Dark Theme

You can also switch between the traditional single pane and the more modern two pane layouts

2016-01-25 (7)

Single Pane Layout

Email Providers

N1 offers several email providers by default along with the option to add an imap account manually. Setting up new accounts was a cinch though it might take a few moments for your latest emails to start showing up.

2016-01-25 (4)

Email Providers


The app also offers you a few plugins to start off with. We are sure as the app gains more popularity we will start seeing some more.

2016-01-25 (3)


Overall Nylas N1 is one of the more visually striking efforts in the open source space. While it has a while to go before it catches up feature wise this is a great start. If it catches on quickly among the developer community we will start seeing a lot more options in terms of customisation and extensions to the app.

Nylas N1 is open source and cross platform. Download it from here.