There are several to do apps that exist on the Windows Store from the more feature rich and popular ones like Wunderlist by larger companies to smaller efforts by independent developers. Myerlist comes from developer JuniperPhoton. They have previously released the app MyerMoment in the Windows Store.

For those who don’t wish to deal with the complexities of more advanced GTD apps like contexts, projects, tags and sub tasks Myerlist is the ideal app.

Adding a todo is as simple as typing it in and assigning a category to it. The categories are predefined and color coded and provide a simple and easy way to manage your tasks. Beyond that it supports gestures for crossing off or deleting tasks. It also supports live tiles for up to 8 tasks on Windows 10 and 4 tasks on Windows 10 Mobile. One of the added bonuses is that by registering for an account within the app you can also sync between the desktop and phone versions of the app.

The appeal in the app lies in it’s simple functionality and clean understandable design. Best it offers all this for free. It could use a few  optimizations like automatically forcing a sync when there is change in the status of tasks. Other than however we highly recommend this app to all Windows users.

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Get the app from the link below

Developer: JuniperPhoton
Price: unknown