Monocle Giraffe – A wonderful Imgur app for Windows

Monocle Giraffe is a rather neat universal app for viewing and performing various other functions on popular image sharing site Imgur

Below is the list of supported featured by the app

  • Browse all the galleries on Imgur
  • Browse the Reddit galleries
  • Manage your accout settings
  • Upload and edit images
  • Download images and even whole albums

Get it from the link below





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  1. Unrelated title? Come on! The giraffe in a monocle is Imgur’s mascot.

    • Hey Akshay,

      I didn’t mean it in that sense. For someone like me who just knew Imgur as a service there was no connection to those two words. And it wouldn’t be the most obvious way to search for an Imgur app. Hope that makes sense. You are right though and I will edit that out. Thanks

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