While the OS X has a wealth of beautiful Markdown editors the choices on Windows are fewer. Though many of them are functional, aesthetically they leave a lot to be desired. While Marxico is not technically a native windows app they do offer a windows download that you can install and access via start menu shortcut. It’s a packaged chrome app but it runs very well and offers a wealth of features.

Markdown Features

Setting aside the Evernote side of it let’s look at Marxico as just a Markdown editor first.


This is beautiful minimal app with a split view for live rendering of the markdown.

On the editor side you have several color themes to choose from. On the rendering side you can write custom css so everything is output exactly as you desire. This lends a great degree of customisation to the app.


Markdown Syntax Support

While Marxico supports all the standard Markdown syntax you might expect from any editor it also supports Latex, Flowcharts and sequence diagrams.


Evernote Integration

The other neat thing about Marxico is it’s integration with Evernote for syncing your notes. Enter your account and your syncing is good to go. Mind you syncing is not 2 way so changing something on Evernote will not reflect back to Marxico. If you don’t want to sync with Evernote all of your notes will be saved in your local storage.

Image Handling

If you are familiar with Markdown you know how images are handled. To see a preview of the images the image needs to be on a web server and the url of the image needs to be inserted. This works as intended in Marxico but it also has another trick up it’s sleeve. You can simple drag and drop an image from your desktop onto it and it will instantly show up in the Markdown preview. It goes even further with image handling by allowing you use the Windows paste command to paste any image from your clipbaord like a screenshot instantly into your editor. This in our opinion is a killer feature.


Marxico can be downloaded from here