While MWC is an exciting event for the entire mobile industry for Windows Phone fans it’s never been the most exciting of times until now. HP a company that has been absent from the smartphone market for a while annouced a stunning new Windows Phone called the HP Elite X3. For the external build of the phone to it’s top of the line internals it’s a phone that makes no compromises. Let’s take a look at what makes this one of the most exciting new phones to come to Windows in a long time.gallery_first1_tcm245_2174658_tcm245_2172765_tcm245-2174658

The CPU and RAM

  • The HP Elite X3 is powered by the latest top of the line Qualcomm processor the Snapdragon 820. This is the same processot that is powering the latest Android flagships too.
  • It’s amazing to think that until a couple of years back 4 GB RAM was sufficient for most PCs. Now we have 4Gb in a smartphone. Whether it actually needs that much RAM is debatable but nobody’s complaining.


  • The Elite X3 looks like a premium device with a nice metal finish at the bottom.
  • It’s has a large 6 inch display which should make it perfect for productivity

Internal Storage and Exapadability

  • While many flagships give you 32 GB of storage as a minimum HP has decided to go with 64 GB as the default.
  • This combined with the option to add external storage cards should give users plenty of storage space.

Continuum Support

  • Like Microsoft’s flasgships the Elite X3 was designed to have full support for Continuum. To this end HP have created their own dock similar to the one by Microsoft.
  • In addition they also plan to release something called a Mobile Extender. Basically it’s a 12.5 inch display with an attached keyboard. It dosen’t have it’s own CPU so it is powered via the main phone itself.

Display and Camera

  • The large 6 inch display has a QHD resolution of 1440 x 2560.
  • The Elite has a 16 MP back camera. We can’t really say if it can compete with the Lumia Pureview tech but it should still do plenty well.
  • The Front facing camera is a 8 MP one so it should very well for video calls


  • Powering such high end internals is a massive 4150 mah battery. HP did an impressive job of fitting all of this into a nice package.

Everything else

  • Dual sim support
  • Bang & Olufsen speakers
  • Its IP67 certified – dust and water resistant
    • Water resistant up to 1 meter and 30 minutes
  • Iris scanner and fingerprint sensing
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 4
  • Type-C reversible connector
  • QI and PMA wireless charging

Virtual Apps

This is a unique feature that HP will be offering. While we aren’t very sure how this would actually work. The gist of it is that corporates would be able to access and run their apps virtually through a platform called Hp Workspace. While consumers may never be able to use this it’s an interesting feature nonetheless


As you can see the HP Elite X3 is a phone that leaves nothing out. It’s the kind of phone Windows fans are already going gaga over. One thing to keep in mind though is that HP is pushing this phone towards corporates so don’t expect to be seeing any consumer advertising for the product. While some might feel that this might hurt it’s sales the truth is that Windows Phones in the consumer space have never really taken off. So HP is probably doing the smart thing by not wasting advertising dollars there at all. That said HP has said that the phone will be available to buy for regular consumers too it might be worth the wait for fans