When you are working on your desktop you often need to paste bits of text for reference later. While we have always had options like sticky notes that comes with Windows or something more elaborate like Evernote or Onenote, sometimes you just want something that strips away every single piece of complexity that may be involved in just storing bits of text. That’s where FromScratch comes into the picture.

Basic Functionality

FromScratch is designed first and foremost to do one thing extremely quickly and easily. Type or paste text into it and forget everything else. You don’t do anything beyond that. Your text is saved automatically and instantly.


FromScratch has no real UI besides the editor window. The font that it uses and the background color is fixed. We think this is for the better as it forces you to get down to writing without any distractions.


The Extras

While we mentioned that FromScratch is completely focused on just pure text it does have a few extras that aren’t mentioned in the app itself but you will find on the official website.

It uses a font called Fira Code. What it enables is some very cool things like replacing syntax like this –> with arrows etc. You can find out more about the font from the link above.

It also has a few neat shortcuts that make it very easy to use as a list tool. With a couple of handy keyboard shortcuts you can move a line of text up or down as desired. We have reproduced the shortcuts as mentioned on the official site below

  • ctrl+up – move current line up
  • ctrl+down – move current line down
  • ctrl+d – delete current line

2016-03-09 (1).png

FromScratch is a neat app that may very well serve a lot of users by the virtue of it’s simplicity. It’s available in portable form for both 32 and 64 bit versions of Windows.

Download Windows 32bit

Download Windows 64bit