This one is for all the designers out there. Fontbase is a font previewer tool that let’s you preview, collect and manage your font collection. It’s basically what you need when the built in Windows font manager doesn’t quite cut it.

When you start the app your greeted by a clean main window that also features mac styling elements for the minimise, maximise and close buttons. Besides that it’s perfectly functional on Windows. 2016-03-27 (1).png

In the bottom left is a search box that lets you quickly find a font by name. It instantly shows you all the fonts that may match your search string with a text preview. You can then drag and drop these fonts to your favourites or build a custom collection of your choosing. You can also easily compare fonts by pinning them to top.

As a designer what you really want is to see how this font would actually look with your own desired parameters. For this Fontbase gives you several options.

  • Enter custom text
  • Choose the text color and background
  • Text size
  • Line Spacing
  • Text Alignment
  • Finer details like kerning, ligatures, text case and number case

2016-03-27 (2).png

2016-03-27 (3).png

Fontbase is a handy tool for designers and makes the font selection process a lot easier. The software is available as a free download from here