Flipkart is one of the largest ecommerce companies in India. They compete with global giants like Amazon in the marketplace. While consumers have their own preferences as to which site they prefer to shop from, when it comes to the apps released by them, the brand new Universal Flipkart app for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile is best of breed.

Windows 10 Desktop Version

Since this is a Universal app both the desktop and mobile version share most of their functionalities. So we will cover the desktop version first with the mobile specific features highlighted later.


The app homescreen mirrors the site experience to an extent with various deals and other highlighted categories spread out across the screen

2016-01-31 (1).png

Home Screen


Once you begin searching for items is where it gets interesting. There are 3 different options to search by.

Text Search

This is your regular text search which works perfectly well

2016-01-31 (2).png

Text Search

Image Search

This allows you to either snap the image of a product or drag an existing image directly onto the app

2016-01-31 (6).png

Image Search

Voice Search

It’s questionable whether using voice to text for your search offers any advantages over typing your search string manually but the option exists nonetheless

2016-01-31 (5).png

Voice Search

Product Tabs

This is another cool feature that is only present on the desktop version. Basically every time you come across a product that you want to check out later there is small icon present below it that allows you to bookmark it to check out later in the session. When you want to review all of your items later tapping the tabs section icon in the top bar takes you to them

2016-01-31 (7).png

Product Tabs

Windows 10 Mobile Version

The mobile version of the app has almost all of the functionality of the desktop version besides the tabs which probably don’t make that much sense given the screen real estate and portrait orientation.

It does come integrated with another feature however that’s unique to Flipkart. They have a feature called ping that aims to let you shop with your friends together. It’s almost like a pseudo messenger app but wuth the ability to share items from your cart or wish list with a friend or a group of friends

Overall we can say that this is a beautifully crafted with great attention to given to the design and performance of the app. Take it for a test drive even if you just want to experience one of the best made Universal apps

Get the app for free from the link below

Developer: FLIPKART
Price: Free