Engadget has had Windows apps in the store for a while. Unfortunately they had fallen into the category of apps that don’t get updated much after they are released. Also as seen from the app reviews the app was almost useless in it’s current state. So it was a nice surprise to see them announce a brand new Windows 10 app hot on the heels of the Build Conference. As their first UWP release it’s a rather nice and functional app. It’s fast and fluid and incredibly easy to navigate. There is isn’t much in the way of options in the app right now but you do have the ability to share a news article via the system.


2016-03-31 (1).png

One of the nicest things about the new app is how it’s notifications are displayed. News alerts are accompanied by large almost full width images as seen below.

2016-04-01 (1).png

Download the app for free from the link below

Developer: AOL
Price: unknown