When I installed the Windows 10 Mobile preview on my Lumia 930 one the features that went missing was the Gestures Beta. It was a neat app that allowed you to pick up the phone just by placing it against your ear. While I still miss that functionality there is another neat feature that comes with Windows 10 Mobile that makes the phone vibrate as soon as the person you have called picks up. Instead of having to constantly glance at the screen to see if the person you have dialed has picked up a quick vibration alerts you to it. I think this a small but invaluable feature that I find myself using all the time. The thing is Microsoft doesn’t really advertise this feature anywhere and turning it on is not the most obvious thing.

Luckily we’ve highlighted the menus to go through to turn it on.


Swipe down and go to All Settings


Go to System


Go to Phone


Here you will find the option to turn on the settings “Vibrate when my call is answered”