We’ve covered Nylas N1 the open source client before but today’s update brings a ton of features that will appeal to fans Mailbox that is officially being shutdown today. Snooze, Swipe Actions are the highlights of this release. Unfortunately the swipe actions only work with touch screens and we how there us some form of mouse support in the future.

Download the latest release from here

While the default look of N1 differs from Mailbox users can create themes for N1 and Taiga is one such theme that is inspired by Mailbox. You can get that theme from here.


Official Update Notes


  • Snooze: Schedules threads to return to your inbox in a few hours, a few days, or whenever you choose.1_fccanQ6gRA1Hk5j8IJ-Zsw.gif
  • Swipe Actions: In the thread list, swipe to archive, trash or snooze your mail. Swiping works with the Mac trackpad and with Windows / Linux touchscreen devices.
  • Send Later: Choose “Send later” in the composer and pick when a draft should be sent. These scheduled drafts are sent via the sync engine, so you don’t need to be online.1-0imzT6J1MFbdDOIad74wXQ.gif
  • Read Receipts and Link Tracking: Get notified when recipients view your message and click links with new read receipts and link tracking built in to the composer.1-SYPSOaCrtkEo64jIzRicug.gif
  • Emoji Picker: Type a : in the composer followed by the name of an emoji to insert it into your draft.1-dcsmnvaHBBxjlg6fXZNSIg.gif



  • This release includes slimmer toolbars and new icons in the composer.
  • Font sizes throughout the app have been made slightly smaller to match platform conventions. Like it the old way? Use the zoom feature in Workspace preferences!
  • The N1 icon is now more of a “sea foam” green, which helps it stand out among standard system icons, and features a square design on Windows.
  • Tons and tons of additional polish.