While searching for a good universal podcast app we came across the simply titled app Cast. We put the app through it’s paces and here are our impressions. Cast may not be the best looking app out there but it’s still easy to figure everything it has to offer.

Adding a new podcast

Search and adding a podcast is one of the most important functions of any podcast app and it’s done easily here by searching by keyword or pasting the direct url of the podcast. This is great if you know what your looking for. What it lacks is a a way to explore and discover new podcasts without searching for them. Search is fast and the search results are quickly populated as you type

2016-05-24.png2016-05-24 (1).png

Your Collection

Once your done adding a new podcast they show up under your library categorised by the keywords you chose when adding them



You can easily queue up individual episodes for play and download them with on tap if needed. Playback options include the ability to play episodes at up to 3 times normal speed.

2016-05-30 (1).png

Cloud and Cross Platform Functionality

One of the most important things we look forward to in a universal app is it’s cross platform functionality. In this regard Cast performs very well. It can sync your library across desktop, tablet and mobile.


Cast is a great podcast solution for Windows users that works equally well across the desktop and mobile. We miss a discovery feature for podcasts and is probably the only reason we might suggest an alternative solution. Other than it it’s a nice a regularly updated app. It’s also completely free to use with the option to send a tip to the developer.

Get the app for free from here