Month: March 2018

Pocket Casts Desktop

While the Windows app store has several proper podcasting apps to choose from I still prefer using the excellent Pocket Casts web app by Shifty Jelly. It has a superb, snappy interface that for me works better than even most native apps. It also has the the advatage of syncing via an account across it’s apps on other platforms as well.

So it was a pleasant surprise to see them introduce a Windows app in the store. While this is not a native app it is a hosted web app which works very well. The functionality I missed most sorely was the ability to pause and resume a podcast natively like any other native audio app.

The app is not free but it has a 14 day trial and only a one time fee of $9.

Get the app from here

Kickstarter Highlight: Iron Harvest

This has got to be the most interesting strategy game project in recent years. From what has been shown so far the game seems to have some serious potential. It is also being made by King Art Games an experienced and established game developer.

A classic real-time strategy game with an epic single player campaign, multiplayer & coop, set in the alternate reality of 1920+

Find out more about the game here

Chuchel out now

Amanita Design, the indie dev behind modern adventure games Machinarium, Botanicula and Samorost 3, has launched CHUCHEL on Windows PC and Mac platforms. Just like any Amanita game before, CHUCHEL immediately strikes you with its distinctive visual style and sheer playfulness, however, CHUCHEL is not a matter of complex backgrounds and extraordinarily complicated puzzles – this time it is all about humor, laughs and cherries.

Why cherries? Because that’s what Chuchel, the game’s eponymous hairy hero, craves the most. He needs the players’ help to overcome various challenges ranging from logical puzzles to robot battles to escaping swarms of berserk Pac-Men in order to reclaim the precious red fruit. Each level is built upon original animation style of Jaromir Plachy and fittingly witty music, courtesy of the IGF Award winning Czech band DVA.

CHUCHEL is out now for $9.99 through Steam,, Humble Store,, the Mac App Store and the game’s official website: CHUCHEL Cherry Edition – containing the full game, 44-minute original soundtrack by DVA, 89-page digital art book featuring design drawings and concept arts from the creator of CHUCHEL Jaromir Plachy and a CHUCHEL Sans font – is also available for $15.
CHUCHEL is expected to land on Android and iOS devices later in Q2 2018.