Month: April 2017

What Remains of Edith Finch now out

If your a fan of the walking simulator genre of games like Gone Home, Firewatch, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter etc and interesting new entry in the genre What Remains of Edith Finch is now out on Steam.

From the games official description

What Remains of Edith Finch is a collection of strange tales about a family in Washington state. As Edith, you’ll explore the colossal Finch house, searching for stories as she explores her family history and tries to figure out why she’s the last one in her family left alive.


Get it from the Steam Store here


Dropbox for Windows 10 gets a Neon UI Update

The official Dropbox app for Windows 10 got a swanky new update. If you are on the Windows 10 Creators update you get a Neon UI refresh. The latest version of the app is 4.7. Grab it from the Windows Store via this link

Nylas Mail goes to 2.0

Nylas N1 was a slick open source desktop email client that we had covered almost a year back. In the interim however it went through a change in it’s business model to become a subscription based pro only email app. However having gone a change of heart the app is now back with a free version with several of it’s pro only features brought over to the free version which is now just called as Nylas Mail. You can read more details about this release here.


Netflix for Windows 10 gets offline support

Netflix for Windows 10 just got an awesome update that adds the option to downloads some of it’s shows and movies offline. This is great news for those who are reliant on the service but don’t have the most realiable internet connections. The only caveat is that not all content in it’s library has the offline download option. Most of Netflix’s own shows do have the option so that a good thing.

Download it from the link here


New Hearthstone Expansion comes out April 6th

A new Hearthstone expansion Journey to Un’Goro comes out on April 6th. You can get more details about it from the link here.

The announcement by Blizzard

The most momentous scientific expedition in Hearthstone history is about to commence: the Journey to Un’Goro begins on April 6! Un’Goro Crater is a wondrous—yet dangerous—locale brimming with voracious vegetation, powerful elementals, gigantic primordial dinosaurs, and ancient mysteries waiting to be unraveled. You’ve been selected to join the expedition, and there’s still a little time left to prepare for the trip!