Month: June 2016

VLC arrives as a UWP in beta form

VLC one of the most popular media player apps in the world has finally made it’s way onto the store as a proper universal app. It’s available now for both the desktop and mobile. It’sa little rough around the edges being in beta and the app did crash on me several times. It also has a weird behaviour  where a song mutes itself when the app is minimized. Other than that it’s a nicely designed app and works very well while playing a wide variety of files. The developer has promised a new update with the arrival of Windows 10 redstone which will bring an enhanced set of UI animations within the app.

Currently the app supports the following features

  • Video playback
  • Audio playback
  • MKV support
  • FLAC playback
  • Subtitles downloader
  • Browse network servers like Plex
  • Add folder to automatically scan for music and video
  • Switch between a light and dark theme
  • Set a color in the app

Due to windows SDK limitations the app does not currently support DVD and Blu Ray playback

Download the app from the store here


Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14361 arrives

There is a new Windows 10 Insider Build for both the desktop and mobile. While it’s not too big on features it features a whole host of fixes for both. To find out everything that’s come with this build head over to the official blog post. It’s penned by Dona Sarkar who recently took over Gabe Aul’s responsibilities on the insider program.

GOG System Shock 2 giveaway the game distribution service from the developers behind The Witcher are running a special promotion. All you have to do is head over to their website and download their Galaxy client. It’s their own version of Steam and it’s still in beta. To encourage people to download and stress test the program they are giving users a chance to claim System Shock 2 just by installing and logging in through the software.

The game is normally available for $9.99 so it’s a great deal. The promotion runs for only 2 days so grab it before it’s gone.