Month: January 2016

Flipkart – A slick app shopping experience

Flipkart is one of the largest ecommerce companies in India. They compete with global giants like Amazon in the marketplace. While consumers have their own preferences as to which site they prefer to shop from, when it comes to the apps released by them, the brand new Universal Flipkart app for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile is best of breed.

Windows 10 Desktop Version

Since this is a Universal app both the desktop and mobile version share most of their functionalities. So we will cover the desktop version first with the mobile specific features highlighted later.


The app homescreen mirrors the site experience to an extent with various deals and other highlighted categories spread out across the screen

2016-01-31 (1).png

Home Screen


Once you begin searching for items is where it gets interesting. There are 3 different options to search by.

Text Search

This is your regular text search which works perfectly well

2016-01-31 (2).png

Text Search

Image Search

This allows you to either snap the image of a product or drag an existing image directly onto the app

2016-01-31 (6).png

Image Search

Voice Search

It’s questionable whether using voice to text for your search offers any advantages over typing your search string manually but the option exists nonetheless

2016-01-31 (5).png

Voice Search

Product Tabs

This is another cool feature that is only present on the desktop version. Basically every time you come across a product that you want to check out later there is small icon present below it that allows you to bookmark it to check out later in the session. When you want to review all of your items later tapping the tabs section icon in the top bar takes you to them

2016-01-31 (7).png

Product Tabs

Windows 10 Mobile Version

The mobile version of the app has almost all of the functionality of the desktop version besides the tabs which probably don’t make that much sense given the screen real estate and portrait orientation.

It does come integrated with another feature however that’s unique to Flipkart. They have a feature called ping that aims to let you shop with your friends together. It’s almost like a pseudo messenger app but wuth the ability to share items from your cart or wish list with a friend or a group of friends

Overall we can say that this is a beautifully crafted with great attention to given to the design and performance of the app. Take it for a test drive even if you just want to experience one of the best made Universal apps

Get the app for free from the link below

Developer: FLIPKART
Price: Free

Soundnode – Soundcloud on your desktop

If you’re a frequent user of Soundcloud and hate having to go to the website everytime you want to hear some music, Soundnode is a new app that might just work for you. The app is portable so you can just unzip the downloaded zip file and your good to go.

The first thing you will notice is the beautiful dark user interface that will remind you of the desktop version of Spotify. Once your logged in with your Soundcloud account you will get access to all your personalised features. Searching for and playing a song is easily done via the search box at the top. The left navigation bar gives you access to all the features of the app.

Soundcloud Features in the App

Top Charts

The latest version of the app includes the top charts section of Soundcloud


Top 50 Charts


Next up is the Stream section that is built upon the artists and people you follow

2016-01-29 (1).png

Your Stream

Likes and Playlists

Every song is presented as a square thumbnail with the option to like, repost or add the song to a playlist. The likes sections shows you all the songs you have liked.

2016-01-29 (2).png

Liked Songs

2016-01-29 (4).png


View Profile and Follow

Clicking on any artists name will take you to their profile page with the option to follow or unfollow them from there too.

2016-01-29 (5).png

Artist Page

Windows Native Features

The app was tested on Windows 10 and performance was very good for an initial release. Most importantly despite being available for Windows, Mac and Linux it feels like a proper native app. if you have a keyboard that has pause and play and volume control buttons pressing them will make the app respond accordingly. Another neat optional feature is allowing the app to show a notification popup as well as in the action center when a new song begins to play.

2016-01-29 (3).png

New Song Notification

The app tells you when an update is available with the only caveat being that you need to download a whole new version unzip and run again. Though we love the convenience of a portable version it would be great to have a proper installer for the app. Other than that Soundnode is highly recommended. It is open source and being actively developed by a very active and responsive developer.

Get Soundnode from here



Myerlist- A simple todo app

There are several to do apps that exist on the Windows Store from the more feature rich and popular ones like Wunderlist by larger companies to smaller efforts by independent developers. Myerlist comes from developer JuniperPhoton. They have previously released the app MyerMoment in the Windows Store.

For those who don’t wish to deal with the complexities of more advanced GTD apps like contexts, projects, tags and sub tasks Myerlist is the ideal app.

Adding a todo is as simple as typing it in and assigning a category to it. The categories are predefined and color coded and provide a simple and easy way to manage your tasks. Beyond that it supports gestures for crossing off or deleting tasks. It also supports live tiles for up to 8 tasks on Windows 10 and 4 tasks on Windows 10 Mobile. One of the added bonuses is that by registering for an account within the app you can also sync between the desktop and phone versions of the app.

The appeal in the app lies in it’s simple functionality and clean understandable design. Best it offers all this for free. It could use a few  optimizations like automatically forcing a sync when there is change in the status of tasks. Other than however we highly recommend this app to all Windows users.

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Get the app from the link below

Developer: JuniperPhoton
Price: unknown

Nylas N1: A beautiful open source email client

While there are many of us who manage our email over the web, for those of us who juggle multiple accounts or prefer the comfort of having our emails available offline there are several desktop clients to choose from. Nylas N1 is one of the newer entrants in this field.

For an initial release the app is relatively stable and being open source is extendable with a plugin architecture. The first thing you will probably notice when your emails accounts are all set up is that attention has been given to the interface and design of the app.

2016-01-25 (1)

The Main Nylas N1 Window

2016-01-25 (2)

Compose Window


The app offer some limited visual customisation at the moment. The theme for the app can also be switched and while the default setup has only white and dark options by default you can add new themes manually.

2016-01-25 (6)

Dark Theme

You can also switch between the traditional single pane and the more modern two pane layouts

2016-01-25 (7)

Single Pane Layout

Email Providers

N1 offers several email providers by default along with the option to add an imap account manually. Setting up new accounts was a cinch though it might take a few moments for your latest emails to start showing up.

2016-01-25 (4)

Email Providers


The app also offers you a few plugins to start off with. We are sure as the app gains more popularity we will start seeing some more.

2016-01-25 (3)


Overall Nylas N1 is one of the more visually striking efforts in the open source space. While it has a while to go before it catches up feature wise this is a great start. If it catches on quickly among the developer community we will start seeing a lot more options in terms of customisation and extensions to the app.

Nylas N1 is open source and cross platform. Download it from here.